About Us

Welcome to ResaleKillers.com!

We’re Steve & Steph! We’ve been married since 2001. Around 2012 the company we worked for (construction) was closing its doors and we found ourselves facing the prospect of finding new jobs, we decided to leave the rat race and put “living” back into our lives! We started Merching for a living and started Killing It! We have encountered some crazy stuff along the way. We decided to start a Vlog on YouTube (StevenSteph Resale Killers) to document and share our life experiment. We hope you will join us as we attempt to find ways to make money without sacrificing the quality of our lives. Welcome to our adventure!

This is our sidekick Little Jerry Seinfeld our Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He has a serious gas problem…and a cute curly piggy tail. We call him our little pigbull. He pulls his weight by doing his job of cracking us up every single day.

Enjoy Your Life! & Don’t get in the van!

Especially this one:

You may not come back…